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Corporate / HR

Create more mindful and engaged employees. Research has shown that engaged employees on average have a significantly longer tenure and contribute more to an organization. Additionally, those that create an onboarding plan in the weeks before they transition to a new job reach proficiency more than 35% faster than those who begin their training on day one. Write your customized forward to Get Ready, Get Set, Go! to set the tone and warmly welcome your new employees.

Having developed an individualized onboarding plan using the easy to use tools described in the book and downloadable resources on the Get Ready, Get Set, Go! website, new employees will be in a position to take full advantage of your orientation plan. At the same time you will see increased benefits as new recruits come to work the first day motivated and prepared to make a contribution rather than simply arriving.

Provide a copy of Get Ready, Get Set, Go! to demonstrate your commitment to a new recruit’s career success. Maximize the return on your recruiting investment by developing engaged employees.

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